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Baby is ideal for any couple who have been married. Her presence becomes a separate story for each family. There are stories about those who are not necessarily known in detail even to the parents themselves.

This film documents the daily life of the baby from the start the first cry until the first step. Directed by Thomas Balmes displays the lives of four babies from around the world, and packed with good representing their respective cultures.

Ponijao from Namibia, which represents life in African infants showed that infants living close to nature and culture of its culture. Come on, baby from Japan who lived in urban Tokyo and Pay of Mongolia are also close to nature. While baby Hattie from San Francisco represents most American babies in general.

They shared stories with humor and presents the typical behavior of innocent babies. The film opened by Ponijao with her brother who was playing, then a fight. Not long ago, told Ponijao beginning while still in the womb. From when Ponijao pregnant, until she was born with the distinctive culture rituals Namibia.

Then another baby also shown that at birth the placenta still had in his navel, with fresh pink body that did not escape the observation camera. But do not expect much to get information about how the way the mother of four different cultures that educate their babies.

The film is more focused photographing the doings of the babies. We will be intrigued when I saw the innocence of the baby when they tried to walk, and try to imitate adults. Or, when we look at Mari, the only girl in this movie, which cries annoyed because his toys. So even when he saw the American Hattie glide with toy cars that eventually made him tumbling.

No less interesting, watch how the baby Pay the living environment in the middle of her parents' farm animals - there is just what he did. Starting from the large size soda sipping an adult, to interfere with farm animals who want ditungganginya.

For approximately 80 minutes, the director tries to portray the lives of four babies from a different environment, with scenes of 'cute' their everyday without a hearing, where the environment for growing up baby most correct. Maybe you'll be surprised to see Ponijao put his hands dirty in his mouth covered in soil, without prevented by his mother! But, in fact a baby in there (Namibia) stay healthy and grow normally.

For young mothers or newlywed couples who are ready to welcome the presence of fruit today, really unfortunately that miss this film. Although no dialogue or narration, 'The Babies' able to document its object with smart, funny, and natural, and that is important will make you laughing so hard.

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