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Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale

Still remember the story long hair Rapunzel's golden? Childhood tales has now filmed in 3D animation format.

Once there, a magic golden flower is believed to be a panacea for a queen who will give birth. All members of the kingdom had been deployed to find the flower. Not easy to find. Magic flower was hidden by a grandmother, Mother Gothel, who want to stay young.

However, the district chief's palace finally managed to find it. The empress was immediately drank the magic potion. He successfully gave birth to a golden-haired princess funny. Green-eyed baby who also was named Rapunzel.

Mother Gothel who know that the flower magically disappear even angry. Quietly he went Rapunzel room and tried to cut her golden hair. But it turns out it turns into brown hair and no longer has a property if cut. That's why Mother Gothel kidnap Rapunzel.

King and Consort sad. Each Rapunzel birthday arrived, they flew the lanterns into the sky in the hope that someday they would meet again with her daughter missing.

A dozen years have passed, Rapunzel grew into a beautiful girl. The girl who has long hair is about 20 meters, confined in a castle by Mother Gothel (who claimed to be the mother Rapunzel).

Rapunzel was bored. He wanted out, but did not dare to disobey his mother. Though he was curious to see directly the lanterns fly who had only watched from behind the castle window.

The opportunity came when Flynn Rider accidentally get into the castle. Rapunzel forced Flynn to take him away and see the lantern fly.

This animated film comes at the end of November 2010. Action hilarious Pascal (Rapunzel's chameleon) and Maximus (royal warrior's horse) will make you laugh.

Tangled original film was produced by Walt Disney. A series of names such as Hollywood actress Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, and Donna Murphy joined the voice for animated characters 'Rapunzel'.

Packed with 3-dimensional format, the film made by Byron Howard Nathan Greno And it appeared very beautiful. Especially when the lanterns began to fly. 3D effects presented can really spoil your eyes!

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