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Due Date Movie

Deadline Todd Phillips, Director 2010 U.S. comedy film co-Alan R. Road Cohen, Alan Freedland, and Adam Sztykiel, and bitter starring Robert Downey Jr., and Zach Galifianakis. November 5, 2010 The film was released. film in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

For Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.) and his wife, Sara, and their first child together, there is scheduled cesarean birth of his home in Atlanta, Los Angeles, the gileitda. Plane at a time, Peter had accidentally run her car door for two Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis), first in class, learn to sit behind him. Accidentally used the word terrorist and a bomb, and then by two rubber bullets, and the air marshal has shot Peter. Both Peter and the two planes are forced to before.

After being questioned by security, he and Peter have been posted on No Fly List in California will have to find another way to get discovered. He recognizes that after I left my wallet on the plane, two in LA, Peter reluctantly, that he was making in Hollywood to create an ambitious actor to agree to travel with. Two and, after his father's funeral, a trip on his way Holloywood father's ashes is holding a coffee can.

Buy marijuana in Birmingham, Alabama after stopping, Peter and two of their collective $ 10,060 in cash may know. Peter and his wife decided to send money to him. Because it does not have his identity card, Peter thought of his wife and two ministers were sending money to the last name. Once the two Western Union money transfer to his stage name, but his real name so that their ID is the only two Chase for the government to issue, recall the fact that Western Union employees (Danny McBride) as proof of identification two heads does not allow a shot in the denial of transfer. On the edge of frustration, Peter says, he is wheel chair-bound veteran who beat him, firmly, in retaliation for an attack to attack Peter. Peter, highway rest stops, the ability to conduct their own fun in the bathroom, the first two are in contempt, but because his father geuriwohagi begins to soften when the two actually broken.

After spending the night at rest stops, Peter, two to go to the bathroom and wait. A two Sarah, Peter, of any two items in the rental car, leaving behind two beans, steals a car. The plan is almost ready for coffee in two of his father's ashes in the car yet to notice that Peter is working. Feeling guilty, Peter agrees to return the remaining actions to stop he always come back.

Peter feels a little rest or during the drive. After a while of driving, two wheel and falls asleep in a car crash. A broken arm and three cracked ribs and a Dallas hospital, Peter, from his friend Darryl (Jamie Foxx) is captured by. Peter reluctantly decided to go with the two. Darryl could stop at home, Peter, 9 months ago, spent time with Darryl and Sarah discovered that. This information have any of Sara and Peter as the father of the unborn child is followed by accusations that Darryl.

Peter notices that the coffee taste funny they said Darryl. Darryl questions, you are using geuneunyideunyi his chaedaneun shows that coffee. 'Coffee' Ashes to realize that the real father of two, they spit it. They get in panic and filter coffee, while the bottom two accidental spills all over the ashes of his father. Added saddens him. Peter left his bones to help them scoop out the Daryl's house.

Darryl Peter, Range Rover driving while sleepy, two, and smoke marijuana, as well as Peter is fantastic, is collected from the cabin. The two men eventually Mexico - U.S. border arrivals. Written in two border checkpoints was arrested for possession of marijuana and Peter leaves. Mexico charges after being taken, Peter, in the process, who steal a two border patrol trucks are grouped by.

Duo or spread the ashes of his father will stop at the Grand Canyon. Peter said he was resting on the back, leaving two confessions. So this also creates two decided to go to confession: Peter's wallet after he has had an airplane. Peter is an angry attack on the two. Peter, Sarah, that her water broke during the attack to call to inform. Peter and the two immediately began rushing to California. Along the way, any mistakes he had found in the front seat of a truck with a gun shot, Peter. Peter, his injuries can be treated for a gunshot wound does not stop.

Darryl and Sarah's baby has not been revealed, Labour, Peter, and two of the witnesses Rosie, Peter and Sarah's healthy white babies are born in a hospital. Peter passes out in pain from his wounds. Allegorically or later, Peter had the previous plan in the movie by cutting the umbilical cord, something that Peter has support for two to the birth of Rosie recounts. The two men, Peter e-mail, whether they remain committed to the friendship between the way of a separate road.

At the end of the film, Peter, Sarah, and their role in the new girl or two landed two inches and a Half Men episode, watch

* Robert Downey, Jr. as Peter Highman * Zach Galifianakis as Ethan Tremblay/Ethan Chase * Michelle Monaghan as Sarah Highman * Juliette Lewis as pot dealer (Cameo) * Jamie Foxx as Darryl * RZA as Airline Screener Marshall * Matt Walsh as TSA Agent * Danny McBride as Western Union Employee Lonnie * Todd Phillips as Barry * Keegan-Michael Key as New Father * Nathalie Fay as Flight Attendant * Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper (Cameo) * Jon Cryer as Alan Harper (Cameo)

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