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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Edmund Pevensie (Skandar Keynes) and Lucy Pevensie (Georgie Henley) back to deal with the fairy tale by accident when a painting suddenly brought them back to the land of Narnia. Looks like the arrival of two brothers is also expected by the citizens of Narnia because this country is facing big problems and help clear Pevensie siblings will be required.

When were looking at a painting, all of a sudden this painting alive and swallow Edmund and Lucy. Not only are they both, Eustace Scrubb (Will Poulter) was carried on in the land of Narnia. They went into this fairy tale and re-met with Caspian (Ben Barnes) who has now become king, and was on his way to find the seven missing lords.

Adventure begins in the Lone Island and continued until the end of the world. In this adventure, a lot is happening and one of them is when Eustace is turned into a dragon because of his mistake. Did they find the seven lost lords of this? Or the trip this time will not bring any results?

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader is OK so that the third part of The Chronicles of Narnia but the film also has more value because for the first time in Narnia film produced in 3D, aka three-dimensional format. The film also marked the shift of production from Disney to the 20th Century Fox. And do not forget, this time no longer held the position of director Andrew Adamson but switched to the hands of Michael Apted.

Narnia is not the only outstanding fantasy films this year. Previously there was the first part of the HARRY POTTER AND THE Deathly Hallows which also just released a few weeks ago. In fact, Harry Potter is sort of tight competition Narnia today and still could not guess whether Narnia Harry Potter capable of shifting positions that are now perched at the top of the box office. To be sure Narnia does have its own loyal fans and developments that occurred in the third part is quite satisfactory.

If Harry Potter chose to slow the tempo, Narnia just choose the opposite. Compared with the previous two sections, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader it feels more dynamic. Of course this is due to the intervention of the newly joined Apted as director. This step makes Narnia a more crispy and delicious to watch.

In terms of special effects, there does not seem too significant problem with this film even though at the same time nothing too special, too. The actors clearly have been tested on two previous films but still just the name Liam Neeson was more prominent, although he only contributed his voice as Aslan

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