Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

Centurion 2010

Year 117 AD. The Roman Empire stretched from Egypt to Spain, and eastern section to the Black Sea. But in the north of Britain, non-stop attacks from the enemy who is difficult to stop: a wild and frightening tribe known as the Picts. Quintus, the only survivors of the tribe of Picts attack on the Roman frontier fort, heading north with the ninth legion of General Virilus, served Picts eliminate them from the earth and kill their leaders, Gorlacon. But when the legions were ambushed on the land alienated, and Virilus arrested, Quintus and his small platoon trying to survive, avoiding the Pict tribe, save their military generals and reach a safe area on the border of the Roman ... You want to know the continuation of this film?? Watch directly in dvd and your favorite movie theater is ok.

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