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Alas! Maltazard (Lou Reed) managed to transform his body into the size of a human. This is not just a size issue. Maltazard had a rotten plan. He will rule the world by changing the entire army into human-sized. If this plan succeeded, there is no hope for mankind.

Arthur (Freddie Highmore) is already trying hard to avoid falling Maltazard managed to change his size so for humans. Unfortunately he was too late. Now the only regret is useless. Arthur must find a way so that he can also resize it back to the size of a human. The telescope used Maltazard is damaged and the only way is to use a potion that is in Arthur's house.

It's also not easy affair because at the same time Maltazard also plans to take the potion to transform into human-sized troops. If Arthur was quickly lost again, the nightmare would come true. Maltazard will spread terror in the face of the earth. Imagine if that terrible Maltazard troops turned into a monster size.

Luc Besson's name was familiar for fans of action movies. One of his works worldwide and is a serial TAXI TRANSPORTER trilogy. This time, Luc return to continue the story of Arthur who had entered the third section. Like most Luc Besson films this one too fast-paced and designed to pamper the eyes of the audience.

The story is simple. No original of the story proffered by Luc ARTHUR 3: THE WAR OF THE WORLDS TWO this. Which again is unfortunate that this time the manuscript sector Luc worked with Céline Garcia. The script is not one of the 'specifications' that can be seeded Luc Besson. Most of the screenplay is done Luc was shallow. Just look DISTRICT 13: Ultimatum, FROM PARIS WITH LOVE, or LES EXTRAORDINAIRES Aventures D'Adele Blanc-SEC.

No problem, because Luc did not make this film for the favorite in the Oscar. Luc mean to spoil the audience with a visual presentation and on this side of Luc was good. Compared with the second part, the story of Arthur this time much progress in terms of visual appearance. In terms of dubbing, it seems the big names who posted here can be guaranteed.

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