Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

A Chinese Ghost Story 2011

The story is set in an ancient village in Black Mountain. There are many ghosts and monsters that live in trees there that are hungry for human blood. The villagers are all afraid to enter the mountain and Ruo Lan temple is also located there.

When Yan Chixia [Louis Koo] was young, he chose to exercise the Black Mountain and his dream is to become a ghost hunter. He is experienced through a dangerous battle with the ghosts who inhabit the mountain. Swords into fear and getting stronger as it achieves victory after victory until one day he meets a beautiful ghost, Nie Xiaoqian [Liu Yifei], and their sad story begins.

A few years later when the river dries up in the mountain. Ning Naichen sent the government to overcome it. Its mission is to get the water source for villagers living at the foot of the mountain. On his way Ning Naichen [Yu Shaoqun] met with Nie Xiaoqian.

20 Million USD budget film was released in April.

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