Selasa, 05 Juli 2011


It is unclear what exactly has happened to Christian (Amber Heard). Suddenly, this beautiful girl suddenly in front of a farmhouse that was on fire. Police who found Christianity and then took her to a mental hospital and began the adventure with the world's Christians did not take his side.

Christians believe he was not a madman but strangely, he did not remember what had happened. The only thing he remembers is a fire burning in front of his eyes. In this hospital Christians met Iris (Lyndsy Fonseca), Sarah (Danielle Panabaker), Emily (Mamie Gummer), and Zoey (Laura Leigh) who is also being treated there.

Soon a series of strange events began to include psychiatric hospitals run by Dr. Stringer (Jared Harris) is. Some people began to disappear as well as Christians chased a ghost woman. Why only Christians who see the ghost of this woman? Who was the woman's ghost? It could be Christians themselves were not ready to receive an answer to that question.

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