Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

The Beaver

 There is no doubting the capacity of a Jodie Foster in acting in front of the camera. Two of the Oscar she won through The Accused (1988) and Silence of the Lambs (1991) as a tangible proof of the quality of this 42-year-old actress. This time, Foster tried his ability to be behind the camera with a director in The Beaver.

The Beaver opened with snippets of the activities of a Walter Black (Mel Gibson). This image was presented by the director as pendeskripsian depression suffered by Walter. Do not forget, this scene strengthened with narration to bring the audience explore the problems experienced by the father of two children.

Home life with Meredith Black (Jodie Foster) and her two children was almost destroyed and its position as the owner of a toy company was threatened. Walter Peak is the stress experienced when trying to commit suicide by jumping from the 10-story building. But a strange occurrence to come and be an outlet for Walter to treat disease.

From family to all employees in his office finally happy again see the smile on the face of Walter. Father figure and a warm husband and an exemplary leader suddenly appear in Walter. It all happened when he decided to communicate to anyone in the media on beaver hand puppet.

An unusual method for most people who see it. But not for Walter, how is somewhat efficacious as a medicine and make it a new figure. This hand puppet eventually be the only way out for Walter to overcome psychological problems.

The Beaver is the fourth movie for Jodie Foster sits as a director. Foster not only presents the story of Walter and his wife. The film is inserted the story of Walter, Porter Black (Anton Yelchin) and Norah (Jennifer Lawrence). Porter described almost have all the properties owned by his father. While Norah was a cheerleader who will not admit the reality of life in the past.

90-minute film is suitable witnessed with my family. The Beaver has a moral message for you who have been married. How to deal with family problems and solve them. Finally, the attitude of belonging would be a way out for all the problems that plagued.

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