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They can not actually do anything. They're just dreamers. Unfortunately they are too lazy to realize their dreams by working hard. I wish, all occur in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, this often instead of making them successful in realizing the dream but instead make them have big troubles.

Adi (Arshad Warsi), Roy (Riteish Deshmukh), Manav (Jaaved Jaaferi), and Boman (Ashish Chowdhry) is a useless four. They're lazy. They're just happy to nap as he dreamed of being rich, wallowing in wealth. Once, four men look ridiculous this Inspector Kabir Nayak (Sanjay Dutt). Surprisingly, Kabir was gone the same way again.

If the first is a cop Kabir Nayak, now the enemy of Adi, Roy, Manav and Boman is already so rich. If the first chasing criminals Kabir, Kabir is now a treasure hunt. Seeing the possibility of benefit from Kabir, these four companions began to devise strategies to take advantage of Kabir. Unfortunately, Kabir is seen following the fourth game this guy did have his own agenda.

Everyone would agree that making a sequel or remake is much more difficult. The problem, comparison with previous films, and clearly there will be demands for better, or at least, match the quality of the previous films will be huge. Some managed to escape from this trap while not rare also that eventually become the victim because of the desire to profit more from the sequel.

DHAMAAL itself was not included eminent film although some observers think the film is also not too bad. At least if compared with the second part, entitled DOUBLE DHAMAAL this, the first one so it looks nicer.

The concept remains the same in fact, provoke laughter through the ridiculousness of the four main characters in this film. The difference is, the script first part seems more solid than this second film. There are many loopholes that make this film so it feels very awkward. At least not explained how the character of Kabir Nayak could suddenly become millionaires.

Humor that is presented is not a smart humor, but at least with a more orderly flow of the story, it is quite possible that this second part to be better than the first.

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