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As you and the whole world knows, a movie starring Jason Statham is an action genre film without too much regard the presence of the plot where Statham will play into a manly man who knows no rules and mercy in giving lessons to those who have dared to interfere life or loved ones - even in Gnomeo and Juliet, she played the character. Not a bad thing, actually. Statham has grown and embedded in the minds of many moviegoers the world becomes an iconic action star who is able to present a row of such a spectacular action scenes. In fact you'll miss it when the scene was absent in a row in the plot. As you will feel when watching the Blitz, a film in which Jason Statham spends his time not to fight, but a lengthy dialogue with other characters.

So what prevents Statham to be able to show off his skills in practicing the choreography matches? He won the role as a policeman. Of course you will not get a depiction of a policeman who obey the rules and orders from a Jason Statham. The Blitz - adapted from the work of the same titled novel Ken Bruen (London Boulevard) - Statham plays the character of Sergeant Tom Brant, a cop who is always trying to 'enforce' its own way ... which of course will involve a lot of people bleeding and injured while making a name the police sector where he worked a matter of criticism in the media.

However, this changed when a London haunted by the terror of a maniac who hunt and kill members of the police. Not just kill the cops, killers who gave his name as Blitz (Aidan Gillen) is also proud to report any action on a reporter named Harold Dunlop (David Morissey) via telephone in order to gain popularity. When the number of victims is increasing, Sergeant Brant is assigned to investigate this case with Liutenant Porter Nash (Paddy Considine) - a lot of homosexual police mocked by coworkers and one eye was initially met by Brant - need to drastically improve his attitude, aside differences with Liutenant Nash and immediately catch the killer.

Those who intend to buy tickets Blitz as he expects a row of bloody scenes of sadism as a result the characters played by Statham in the fight against any enemy, it seems they should be discouraged. Blitz is not a film that is as simple as that - although did not offer a complex storyline, too. Rows Blitz story presented as a series of investigations tale characters Liutenant Sergeant Nash and Nash in finding the killer. Sound pretty mysterious and interesting to follow, but unfortunately the director, Elliott Lester (Love Is the Drug, 2006), failed to maintain the neatness flow of the story of this film as a whole.

From the beginning, Lester like confusion to put the focus of the story Blitz. Presenting a violent scene in the beginning, the Blitz and then re-look rough in describing how the killer executes his victims and then turned gentle (and very slow) in describing some of the personal stories of the character (never seen the character played by Jason Statham sit quietly and listen heartfelt outpouring of hearts coworkers who are gay? Here's your chance!). Lester also present some additional story of the actual plot is not so essential and consequently makes Blitz increasingly boring.

Well, the Blitz is also not a film filled with scenes of pure drama. Apart from a few scenes of violence that has been mentioned before, the plot of this movie then increased rapidly on the duration of 30 minutes before the film ends by presenting a chase scene between the character of Captain Brant chase with the killer character. Unfortunately the scene that has been packed pretty well ended with an anti-climax that makes the story line back to cool before finally ending back Lester will provide adrenaline of the audience. The killer character is presented as a publicity calls also get too much exposure in the storyline. Minutes where the killer's face appears in a scene, the minute it is also a sense of mystery and allure of this film decreases.

Jason Statham is Jason Statham in the film, depending on your outlook for this in view of his acting ability. But the Blitz also obtain a fairly slick acting performances from the cast of supporters of this film: Paddy Considine, David Morrissey and Aiden Gillen. Even so, the main concern of the Blitz was located on the character played by Statham. No matter that Elliott Lester managed to produce a pretty good picture display or provide the music that beats tight layout full of energy, attention will always be directed at a Jason Statham. Back again, the way you view this film as a whole depends on your perspective so far in seeing Statham's acting ability.

Blitz, ladies and gentlemen, is a movie starring Jason Statham. Of course, during this film critics the world has a lot of fun by giving a label on each film starring Statham as a popcorn movie that does not mean so much presence. Even so, all the audience knows, any movie starring Statham is able to give pleasure yourself with a variety of plot and display ignorance of his charming action. Blitz, ladies and gentlemen, is not a Statham movie that will be able to offer these pleasures. Statham still plays a male character who does not care about the rules but he stuck to follow the storyline seemed to want to make it look as a man who not only has the sheer muscle. Character of the film completely out of reach Statham who ultimately makes the Blitz does not look convincing ... and boring overall.

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