Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

The Death of Ian Stone

 Nothing looks strange young man named Ian Stone (Mike Vogel) is. He looks perfectly natural despite the fact that many strange things that happen in life Ian. Ian has been dead many times and it happens every day at the always the same. Who was Ian? What has happened to this young man?

Ian initially attacked the strange creature that made him hit by a train. Strangely, Ian did not die as they should. When you open your eyes, Ian was in another life. In another life is everything looks normal. Ian was still able to recognize the people who were there, only they are no longer known Ian previously.

Jenny Walker (Christina Cole), for example, no longer a lover Ian as before. While there is another woman named Medea (Jaime Murray) who has always appeared in Ian's life. Then there is Gray (Michael Feast) who tried to remind Ian that his life was in danger and there is only one way to break the chains that can not be disconnected as this.

The Deaths Of Ian Stone was released in 2007 as part of After Dark Horrorfest 8 Films to Die aka For. This movie is a horror movie but that does not mean the film is not feasible then ogled. At least, though still a member of the family of B-Movie, this movie has some points that make it different from most horror films.

What is interesting from a long film titled, The Deaths Of Ian Stone, this is a fairly fresh concept. It was a rare film that tries to pick a theme like this. Most always take advantage of the mystical element or a monster that long so boring. Unfortunately, the basic concept was good enough Dario Pana (director) and Brendan Hood (writer) seem to fail to translate into an interesting story line.

Repetition of the process that occurs in Ian Stone a little boring while ending the film is also not worth the long wait for over an hour. Even so, the figure of Ian Stone, starring Mike Vogel look convincing although he had to keep changing the character every time he moves into another life.

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