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For men, women are the biggest mysteries in this world. No man can truly understand the mindset of the opposite sex is. Maybe all men hope to understand how women think, but if this really happened, maybe just new problems will emerge.

Sun Zigang (Andy Lau) is good at enticing women. Although not having the ability to read women's minds, Sun could easily get the woman he wanted, although sometimes he used a trick that works well no. As a successful executive, Sun eyeing higher office, but unfortunately, it is precisely the position falls to Li Yilong (Gong Li). Sun Zigang obviously disappointed. For years he was eyeing the post.

While trying to comfort herself, Sun sudden electric shock and unconscious. When he awoke, he was suddenly startled by a new ability he has. Sun Zigang can now listen to what women are thinking! Initially, this capability is very annoying but lately Sun began to find ways to take advantage of new capabilities. He will steal the ideas of Li Yilong to curry favor to his boss. Does the problem stop there? Apparently not.

WHAT WOMEN WANT is clearly a remake of Hollywood film titled the same outstanding ten years ago. Fortunately the film chosen the theme is universal enough so that cultural change is not too much impact on the overall fabric of the story. Chen Daming least observant enough to select a setting so that the shift was not until the perceived audience.

As usual there are some adjustments from the original story in order to feel more awake Asia. Create accustomed to eating a Western film is a little bit awkward but that's typical of Asian movies. Apart from that, pair Andy Lau and Gong Li seemed to be the right decision. At least the chemistry between two actors it looks quite convincing. Andy Lau and Gong Li are mounted on poles are different but that's precisely its strength.

Unfortunately, Chen Daming seemed more in favor of veteran actor Andy Lau is getting more screen time than Gong Li. Unfortunately it was an unfortunate Andy Lau. Because not too often, the character played by Gong Li actually feels more memorable.

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