Senin, 10 Mei 2010


Cast: Richard Gere, Joan Allen, Sarah Roemer, Eric Avari, Jason Alexander
Some say that dogs are man's best friend. Perhaps no one too if you saw the story experienced by Parker Wilson (Richard Gere) and his favorite dog. Parker's story of friendship and a dog named Hachiko was even able to give inspiration to all city residents about the meaning of true friendship.

The encounter between Parker and Hachiko had actually happened by accident. Hachiko was a dog without a master who found Parker when he got home from work. Parker was actually looking for the owner intends to return the dog Hachiko this but when business did not meet the road Parker finally decided to maintain the Hachiko.

Each day Hachiko always took Parker to the station when a man who worked as a lecturer was leaving for work. And every evening Hachiko also came to the station to pick up Parker when he got home from work. One time, Parker went to work as usual but never returned to the station. Parker died before he got home. Hachiko who do not know if her employer had not continued to come every afternoon hoping to see Parker again.

Day nine years have passed and Hachiko always come to the station to fetch her mistress. Though Hachiko never again met Hachiko Parker but never give up.

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