Jumat, 07 Mei 2010

"Ip Man 2", Return of the Master

You might remember the popular movie Ip Man in 2008 then? Martial arts film from China about this again comes through Ip Man 2 sequel titled. Actor Donnie Yen re-played in the film which was the setting time of the victory of the Communist Party of China on the 1949.

Ip Man 2 is about a man named Ip who was forced to leave his family and moved to Hong Kong. Arriving in Hong Kong, Ip that the champion martial arts kung fu martial arts are concerned because it would be used as tools to commit a crime.

With all your heart Ip who starred Donnie Yen teaches martial arts to the community to restore the good name of kung fu. However, noble intentions were stymied by a group of college who think Hung Gar kungfunya group better.

Ip Man 2 is predicted to return to the box office and ready to be released starting on Thursday (29 quarters) in several countries in Asia

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