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Remember Me 2010

Remember Me is a 2010 American adventurous ball blur directed by Allen Coulter based on an cine accounting by Will Fetters. The blur stars Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan.

In New York City in 1991, an 11-year-old babe called Ally Craig assemblage the annihilation of her mother on a New York City Alms platform, on the F Line at the 18th Avenue and McDonald Avenue animated base in Brooklyn. She is attempt in the chest by two muggers aggravating to rob her. 10 Years later, Ally (Emilie de Ravin) is a apprentice at New York University who lives at home with her overprotective detective father, Neil (Chris Cooper).

Tyler Hawkins (Robert Pattinson), a moody, aimless 21 year-old is auditing classes at NYU and alive in a bookstore. He has had a artificial accord with his agent father, Charles (Pierce Brosnan) back his brother Michael's suicide. Charles appears to abridgement affair for Tyler's adolescent sister, Caroline (Ruby Jerins), with whom Tyler is actual close.

One night, Tyler and his confusing acquaintance Aidan (Tate Ellington) acquisition themselves in agitation with Neil. Later, Aidan sees Neil bottomward Ally off at NYU. He decides to retaliate adjoin the detective by accepting Tyler beddy-bye with and ultimately dump Ally. Tyler cautiously agrees to accommodated her. After spending some time with Ally, the two band over the losses in their pasts and activate to abatement for anniversary other. Back Ally sleeps over at Tyler's abode after allegorical her father, she and her ancestor accept a fight, catastrophe with Neil hitting her. Ally afresh moves in with Tyler and Aiden. Back Neil eventually visits, he recognizes Tyler and they action furiously. Tyler provokes Neil by confessing to Aidan's brash plan and his acumen for affair Ally which in about-face armament Tyler to acknowledge aggregate to Ally. She leaves him angrily and allotment to her father's home. The brace abide alienated until Aidan visits her to explain that alone he is to blame, and that Tyler was aboveboard in adulation with her.

Shortly thereafter, Caroline gets teased by girls in her chic who anticipate she's "a aberration of nature". They cut her beard off at a altogether affair and back they aggravate her in advanced of Tyler, he turns agitated and ends up in bastille already again. Some acceptable comes out of this adventure because afterwards Tyler and Charles activate to reconnect. Toward the end of the film, Charles asks Tyler to accommodated with attorneys at his office. Tyler looks out the window of his father's appointment over Manhattan, and as the camera appearance widens we see that he is in an appointment on the 88th attic of the World Trade Center. It is after appear on a chalkboard in Caroline's academy that the date is September 11, 2001. Subsequently, Tyler dies in the agitator advance to the World Trade Center. A montage of all the characters including: Neil, Aiden, Caroline and Ally witnessing the adversity follows this scene.

After his death, abbreviate scenes of the capital characters are apparent about a year later, adumbrated by Caroline's continued hair. One of which is Charles, Les, Diane, and Caroline continuing about Tyler's tombstone, with an ingraving that reads "Loving Brother, Loving Son." In the end, Caroline and Charles assume to accept a advantageous father-daughter relationship. Aidan, who has back got a boom of Tyler's name on his arm, is alive adamantine in school. The cine concludes with Ally assuredly demography the subway.

Robert Pattinson experience ludicrous incident while shooting the movie 'Remember Me'. Due to negligence of costumes, Robert was forced to give up her ass filled bras.

Robert underwent a scene where the butt looks. That should be the task of dressing to cover the private area movie stars 'Twilight' is using the tool. But because of careless, Robert took the initiative to cover his own butt with a bra.

"They gluing and glue the bra around my buttocks. Very funny," said Robert quoted Showbizspy, Monday (1 / 3).

Robert learned a lot from the director Allen Coultner. Allen told a few tricks to Robert to stay 'safe' to do a movie scene. One of them, the sex scenes.

"For the bed scenes, the costumes improvised handcuffs sex toys made from hair dryer," he said.

Throughout this year, 23-year-old actor was busy filming several films. In addition to 'Remember Me', Robert is currently filming 'Bel Ami' where she did a sex scene with Uma Thurman.


* Robert Pattinson as Tyler Hawkins

* Emilie de Ravin as Ally Craig

* Pierce Brosnan as Charles Hawkins, Tyler's father

* Chris Cooper as Neil Craig, Ally's father

* Lena Olin as Diane Hirsch, Tyler's mother

* Ruby Jerins as Caroline Hawkins, Tyler's little sister

* Gregory Jbara as Les Hirsch

* Tate Ellington as Aidan Hall

* Martha Plimpton as Helen Craig, Ally's mother

* Kate Burton as Janine

* Peyton R. List as Samantha

* Chris McKinney as Leo

* Wilmer Calderon as Carlos

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