Senin, 17 Mei 2010

Letters to Juliet Film

A romantic adventure genre films with director Gary Winick results claim is one movie where the scene was taken on one of the houses in Casa Giulietta, supposedly once inhabited this house considered Juliet.

Narrated, originally Sophie (played by Amanda Seryfried) want to vacation in Verona, Italy with her fiancé, named Victor (Gael Garcia Bernal). Lovers unexpectedly met with a group of volunteers who have a special duty to reply to letters addressed to Juliet.

Diceriterakan, Juliet is actually a fictional character, but many pengemarnya (sending letters) still expecting a reply letter that was sent to her complaints, especially about their love.

Further, there was confusion initially on tasks undertaken Sophie's group. How could he reply to letters addressed to a fictional character, but in the end Sophie interested in joining especially after she found a letter dated 1957 with the main contents of the letter asking for help to find her fiance.

Sophie and Victor then reply to the letter and get a response from the letter writer named Claire (Vanessa Redgrave), a woman who is now a grandmother. Once received replies from "Juliet" the grandmother was immediately flown to Italy to meet with Sophie. He flew to Italy accompanied by his grandson who has a super-protective properties (played by Christopher Egan).

The story is more interesting when Sophie and Victor helped Claire, there's the thrill felt by Sophie, where the presence of Victor who had been the fiancee began to be replaced by another man. At that time she began to feel that the Victor is not the love of his life.

Love comedy films of this genre of adventure, if an audience is able membeikan sting inspiration about a person's life. In addition, according to the director, this film made the result of inspiration from the "secretary" who is in charge of real reply to the letters "Juliet". Where these letters will be posted on the wall "Juliet".

The film was also nice to watch because it is supported by the soundtrack of the famous names diantaranta; Colbie Caillat by You Got Me and What If. Taylor with the song Love Story, and Lisa Jane and Chris Mann, in his song Quando, Quando, Quando.

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