Senin, 31 Mei 2010

Kites 2010

Kites is a Bollywood blur directed by Anurag Basu and produced by Rakesh Roshan, that stars Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kangana Ranaut, and Kabir Bedi. The blur was appear in India and in North America on May 21, 2010. Its 208-theater aperture in North America fabricated it the better Bollywood absolution there to that time.

J., played by Hrithik Roshan, is a Bollywood ball abecedary in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a sideline, he marries immigrant women to get them blooming cards. When Gina (Kangana Ranaut), the affluent babe of a able bank buyer (Kabir Bedi), avalanche for him, J. goes forth in adjustment to ally into money. He discovers that his approaching brother-in-law, the vicious, bloodthirsty Tony (Nick Brown), is about to ally a admirable Mexican woman called Natasha (Barbara Mori), whom J. knows as Linda, the aftermost of the immigrant women he married. On the night afore "Natasha" and Tony's wedding, Linda and J. absorb a adventurous but austere night, humorously accordant to a "divorce." A jealous, gun-wielding Tony, however, arrives at her accommodation while J. is there, and afterwards he hits her, Linda foolishly knocks him out with a abundant article while he tussles with J. Linda and J. go on the run against Mexico, with Tony and badge in pursuit.


* Hrithik Roshan as J.

* Barbara Mori as Natasha a.k.a. Linda

* Kangana Ranaut as Gina

* Nick Brown as Tony

* Kabir Bedi as Bob, Gina and Tony's father

* Yuri Suri as Jamaal, Bob's ancestors chauffeur...

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