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Sorority Row, fad Ended deaths

Sorority Row - Starting from a fad to work on a person, a murder even occurred unexpectedly. As a result, the decision of 'origin' is taken to cover the bloody events. Who guessed, eight months later, one by one woman who was involved the killings, even murdered.

Cassidy (Briana Evigan), Jessica (Leah Pipes), Claire (Jamie Chung), Ellie (Rumer Willis), Chugs (Margo Harshman) and Megan (Audrina Patridge) were six members of their organization on campus. Indeed, they have vowed to trust each other, protect and close the secret meetings and high solidarity.

That they should apply when a girlfriend Megan's best friend had an affair and as they tried to return the hurt with a crazy plan. Megan was playing dead to scare his girlfriend who betrays. Unfortunately, because of one mistake, Megan even really dead.

Fear of the future of their shattered, Cassidy, Jessica, Claire, Ellie Chugs and Megan decided to throw the corpse into the well of the mine and pretend it never happened. Initially, everything went perfect. Up ahead at the end of their graduation, the shadow of death again emerged.

An SMS came from Megan's cell phone and discovered the murder weapon. Not only that, the video phone that was originally only for documenting the 'game' unfolding and the threat if it does not come to the murder scene in 20 minutes, the video will be sent to the police.

But how hard the They attempt to infer the perpetrator, one by one colleague Cassidy died tragic. Who killed them? Is Megan had not died and come back for revenge? The answer, if you will see it for myself.

Actually, the film tells the story of student-student campus has many appointed. However, on Sorority Row, the tension gradually raised until the tragic end to violence.

If you're the type who easily startled, so be careful. Do not let your scream out when a scene of unexpected violence occurs. Or if you fear the sight of blood, well ... This film is not recommended. Because the film contains elements of violence and 'naughty' in terms of partying. Even so, for you who would like thrillers, this film seems to be a spectacle that could not possibly miss it mandatory.

About acting, the quality of the principal players is good enough. Character Cassidy Briana Evigan played good enough, let alone among the six best friend, Cassidy is someone who has good behavior and personality.

Unfortunately, acting Carrie Fisher who served as Mrs.. Crenshaw, the dormitory supervisor, not so find.

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