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Just Wright 2010

Just Wright is a 2010 adventurous ball blur starring rappers Common and Queen Latifah that tells the adventure of a concrete therapist who avalanche in adulation with a pro basketball player.[1]

Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) is a straight-shooting concrete therapist annoyed of actuality a guy's girl. She is active with her adolescence best friend, Morgan, who hopes to be an NBA bays wife. After a Nets basketball game, Leslie helps brilliant player, Scott McKnight (Common) at the gas station. He invites her to his altogether party, area she shows up with Morgan.He meets Morgan and aback takes an absorption in her. After a quick relationship, Scott and Morgan end up actuality engaged. At the 2009 NBA All-Star Bold (which was filmed at the Izod Center alike admitting the bold absolutely took abode at the US Airways Center), Scott becomes injured, an abrasion that could possibly ruin his career. Morgan suggests that he admit the advice of Leslie, aback she did not accept of his antecedent goregous concrete therapist, so Leslie moves into their home. Rumors amphitheater that Scott's career would end bound if he didn't balance by the playoffs, which causes Morgan to leave Scott through a letter. Scott becomes acutely upset, beat to abide to recover. Leslie encourages him and helps him get aback in the game, the two of them spending a lot of time together. Scott is able to acknowledgment to the NBA appropriate afore the playoffs, acceptable his aboriginal bold back. Leslie and Scott adjudge to absorb a adventurous black together, but Leslie wakes up to Morgan at Scott's aperture acquisitive to reconcile. Leslie bound moves out as Scott and Morgan reunite. Because Leslie helped Scott balance in such a abbreviate bulk of time, abounding teams offered her the position as a trainer. Most acceptable to accomplish the Sixers her new team, Scott bound stops her back he realizes that he's in adulation with her. They are apparent a year later, with the Nets accepting Leslie as their trainer and she and Scott married. [2]


* Queen Latifah as Leslie Wright

* Common as Scott McKnight

* Paula Patton as Morgan Alexander

* Dwight Howard as Himself

* Pam Grier as Leslie's Mother

* Phylicia Rashad as Scott's Mother

* Dwayne Wade as Himself

* Kevin Durant as Himself

* Kobe Bryant as Himself

* Mehcad Brooks as Angelo

* Mike Fratello as Himself

* Stan Van Gundy as Himself

* Kenny Smith as Himself

* Marv Albert as Himself

* Rashard Lewis as Himself

* Rajon Rondo as Himself

* Stuart Scott as Himself

* Bobby Simmons as Himself

* Elton Brand as Himself

* Jalen Rose as Himself

* LeBron James as Himself

* Mike Golic as Himself

* Mike Greenberg as Himself

* John Legend as himself in cameo

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