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Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet is a 2010 adventurous ball starring Amanda Seyfried and Chris Egan with Vanessa Redgrave. Directed by Gary Winick, the blur was appear theatrically in North America on May 14, 2010.

Sophie Hall (Amanda Seyfried) is a actuality checker at The New Yorker annual who dreams of acceptable a writer, but her boss, Bobby, does not allotment her wishes. Sophie’s fiance, Viktor (Gael Garcia Bernal), is about to accessible an Italian restaurant in city New York. To celebrate, the two go on a “pre-honeymoon” to Verona, Italy. Sadly for Sophie, Viktor seems too absent in award the best wines and cheeses for his restaurant, he hardly has time for her. While he is out one day, Sophie goes sightseeing and comes beyond the abode area Juliet Capulet allegedly lived and watches in awe as abundant bodies accumulate to address belletrist to Juliet about their loves and column them on Juliet’s wall. Sophie writes of this in her account for a few hours and sits on a bench, cat-and-mouse for closing time, to see what becomes of the letters. A adolescent Italian woman comes to aggregate the letters, putting them all into a harbinger basket, and Sophie follows her to a restaurant area the woman meets with three added women, who acknowledge themselves to be “Juliet’s secretaries”, autograph aback to anniversary of the letters. The abutting day, Sophie helps Isabel, one of the secretaries, booty the letters. While Sophie is affairs one off, a apart brick falls, and abaft it is a crumpled, dirty, unopened envelope. Sophie reads it and discovers it is a letter from 1957 about a English woman called Claire who leaves her accurate love, Lorenzo Bartolini, although he capital her to ally him. Sophie spends all night chief on how to address aback and does so. A few canicule later, a adolescent English man arrives allurement for the woman who responded to his grandmother. The man, Charlie (Chris Egan), reveals that because Sophie responded his grandmother is now actuality to acquisition her love. Aback Sophie asks to accommodated Claire, Charlie says no, but Sophie follows him and is alien to Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) who is added than blessed to accommodated “Juliet”. Together, the three adjudge to chase for all the Lorenzo Bartolini’s abreast Sienna, Italy area Sophie says Lorenzo consistently enjoyed. The three accommodated abounding Lorenzo Bartolini’s, but none of them assume to be the appropriate one, as Claire says she’ll be able to see who Lorenzo is through his dejected eyes. Travelling, Sophie and the grandmother and grandson apprentice about anniversary other’s lives, with Claire acquirements that Sophie’s mother alone her aback she was nine and Sophie acquirements that Charlie’s parents died in a car blast aback he was ten. Charlie—at aboriginal abrupt to Sophie—is now acutely admiring to her, but Sophie is standoffish. The three accommodated abounding men, including one in a nursery home, a gambler, a man in an black marriage, and a asleep man. Upon seeing his grandmother cry at the gravesite, Charlie blames Sophie, cogent her she’s “never accepted loss”, which upsets Sophie. Claire berates her grandson and tells her about Sophie’s mother, again visits Sophie in her auberge allowance and comforts her by abrasion her beard in a grandmotherly action. Charlie apologizes to Sophie and, afterwards a day in boondocks together, the two kiss beneath the stars, which Claire witnesses. The abutting day, while active back, Claire demands they stop at a acreage aback she sees a adolescent Italian man who looks absolutely like Lorenzo. Insisting it’s him, Sophie and Charlie go and ask him of his name, which he says is absolutely Lorenzo Bartolini. Chief it charge be Lorenzo’s grandfather, they ask to allege to the adolescent man’s father, whose name is additionally Lorenzo. The middle-aged man says his aged ancestor is additionally Lorenzo Bartolini, and he is benumbed his horse. Charlie urges his grandmother to see if it’s the appropriate Lorenzo, but Claire decides she doesn’t appetite to. Just then, aged Lorenzo (Franco Nero) arrives and is absolutely Claire’s long-lost love. The two reunited and hug. Lorenzo introduces the three to his ancestors and Sophie leaves to go aback to Verona and Viktor. Claire tells Charlie “not to delay fifty years” afore he discovers there is alone one babe he loves. Charlie contest afterwards her but, seeing her embrace Viktor, he leaves. A while later, aback in New York, Sophie presents a adventure to her bang-up identical to Claire’s tale, and learns she’s about to be published. Excited, she rushes home. The abutting day at work, she gets an allurement to Claire and Lorenzo’s bells that Saturday. Her animosity resurfaced, she breach up with Viktor, adage they “shouldn’t be accept with actuality apart”, and goes to the Bartolini wedding. Afterwards the nuptials, she attempts to acquaint her animosity to Charlie, but believes a woman that is with him, Patricia (Ashley Lilley) is his adherent afterwards Charlie told her of a woman called Patricia he acclimated to date. She hurries off to breach bottomward in clandestine and stands on a balcony, but Charlie follows her. Sophie professes her adulation for him but tells him to go aback to Patricia, who Charlie explains isn’t his ex-girlfriend Patricia, but his accessory Patricia, and exclaims that he’s “madly, deeply, passionately” in adulation with her. He attempts to ascend up to kiss her like Romeo Montague but falls. Sophie hurries to him, and asks if he is okay, and if he can move. He says, "Only my lips." and they kiss, in advanced of Claire and Lorenzo, who are watching appropriately nearby, as anybody abroad joins them.


* Amanda Seyfried as Sophie, a actuality checker active in New York. She goes on a pre-honeymoon with her fiance to Verona, Italy. While sightseeing, she finds "Juliet's House" with complaining women autograph belletrist and abrogation them there. She follows a adolescent woman who takes the letters, and while allowance her the abutting day, she finds a 50-year old letter and absitively to address back, arch her to accommodated Claire, the babe who wrote the letter. She embarks on a adventure with Claire, and her grandson Charlie to acquisition Claire's continued absent love. She is Charlie's adulation interest.

* Chris Egan as Charlie Wyman, Claire's abhorrent grandson (as he declared himself). Although he appears to be like that, and additionally grumpy, Claire explains that he has a acceptable heart, like her continued absent love. Charlie anon develops a accord with Sophie, and he becomes her adulation interest.

* Vanessa Redgrave as Claire, the babe who wrote the letter to Juliet 50 years before. Sophie meets her afterwards Charlie goes to Juliet's secretaries, and she follows him. She is a affectionate woman, and develops a abutting accord with Sophie as they chase for her Lorenzo, her continued absent adulation whom she fell in adulation with aback they were fifteen. Her parents did not accept of him, and they were separated.

* Franco Nero as Lorenzo Bartolini, Claire's adulation absorption and continued absent love. He met her aback they were fifteen years old, in Verona. Claire's parents did not accept of him, and anon they were separated. His son and grandson are both called Lorenzo Bartolini, and they assignment at a grape vineyard.

* Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal as Victor, Sophie's chef fiance. He is consistently active and almost has time with Sophie. Most of the time during their time in Verona, he is abroad in some added boondocks while Sophie helps Claire and Charlie.

* Lidia Biondi as Donatella, one of Juliet's secretaries.

* Daniel Baldock as Lorenzo Jr., the earlier one of Lorenzo's sons.

* Milena Vukotic as Maria, one of Juliet's secretaries.

* Luisa Ranieri as Secretary, one of the four aboriginal Juliet's secretaries.

* Marina Massironi as Francesca, addition one of Juliet's secretaries.

* Ashley Lilley as Patricia, Charlie's accessory who has the aforementioned name as his ex-girlfriend.

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