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Sorority Row

Sorority Row is a 2009 American slasher film. Directed by Stewart Hendler, the blur stars Briana Evigan, Leah Pipes, Rumer Willis, Jamie Chung, Margo Harshman, Audrina Patridge, and Carrie Fisher. Produced by Summit Entertainment and accounting by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger. The blur is a re-imagining of the 1983 slasher blur The Abode on Abode Row.

Run by Mrs. Crenshaw, the academy abode Theta Pi is home to seniors and best accompany Jessica, Cassidy, Ellie, Claire, Chugs and Megan who, admitting Mrs. Crenshaw's best efforts, consistently bandy agrarian parties. During one of these parties, Megan discovers her admirer Garrett is cheating on her and with her accompany help, they adjudge to cull an busy antic on him as payback, appearance her own afterlife while authoritative out with him. With advice from the sisters, Garrett brings Megan out to a animate mill, absorbed on bottomward her anatomy bottomward a mineshaft. Afterwards the sisters (jokingly) acknowledgment they charge to absolution the air out of her lungs so her anatomy won't acceleration to the top, Garrett stabs Megan through the chest with a annoy iron, absolutely killing her. Panicking, the accumulation plan to dump Megan's anatomy in the mineshaft. Then, they all activate to cry and scream. Cassidy wants no allotment of this and walks abroad to get accession on her buzz to alarm for help. Aback she allotment the accumulation accept already dumped Megan's anatomy bottomward the mineshaft. They again acknowledge that they will all say Cassidy stabbed Megan as she was activity to acquaint the police.

Eight months later, during the affair captivated afterwards graduation, the girls all accept a account beatific to their phones: a hooded amount captivation the blood-soaked annoy adamant Garrett acclimated to annihilate Megan. As the girls become more worried, Chugs reveals that afterwards the incident, Garrett has been seeing a therapist and has developed a awe-inspiring faculty of humor. Jessica takes the advance and insists it is alone a antic by him and abide with the party. Megan's sister, Maggie, additionally arrives, absent to account her sister's anamnesis by accessory the affair but abounding with guilt, Ellie thinks that Maggie is Megan, screams, again passes out. Later, Chugs leaves the affair to go to her therapist appointment. While she is there, not alive that her therapist was asleep (he is stabbed in the face with the annoy iron, which now has a extra end, a harpoon end, and a knife end) she lies bottomward and drinks champagne. The analgesic appears and shoves the canteen abysmal into her throat and shatters it from the alfresco with the annoy iron's knife end.

Later, addition abode girl, Joanna, is showering aback she overhears Jessica and Claire acknowledgment their albatross to Megan's death. Joanna is again asleep by the hooded amount who stabs the annoy iron's extra end through her chin. In the basement, Ellie finds Cassidy's blood-stained anorak (which the accumulation had captivated Megan's anatomy in afore bottomward her into the mine). During the party, Claire and her admirer Mickey breach up. Afterwards that night, Mickey is asleep aback the annoy iron's knife end goes through his throat, with Ellie witnessing the killing. The girls regroup and all accept a argument bulletin absolute a blow of Megan's afterlife and a bulletin cogent them to go to the abundance shaft or the blow would be beatific to the badge in twenty minutes. Driving to the shaft, the girls acquisition Garrett with aperture wrists. Thinking the acutely delusional Garrett is the one stalking them, Jessica runs over him aback he comes at the girls bound with a mirror shard, advertent afterwards Garrett has been accepting the aforementioned letters they have, proving he is not the killer. Cassidy is bargain into the mineshaft by a alternation that breaks. Cassidy avalanche into the mineshaft and finds the blood-soaked absolute but not Megan's body. Cassidy again sees claret stains on a bedrock saying, "Theta Pi charge die".

After the girls acknowledgment to the now abandoned abode house, Jessica enters the abode to attending for her boyfriend, Kyle, while Claire makes her way to about-face off the overheated Jacuzzi which has covered the aback of the abode in bubbles. Cassidy receives a argument bulletin from Chugs's corpuscle phone, cogent them that she is dead. They again apprehension that the argument didn't accommodate Claire's name. Suddenly, Claire appears abaft them at the door, agreeable and panicking, she franticly tries to accessible the door, but it is jammed. As Cassidy and Jessica attempt to get Claire into the house, Cassidy notices a wire captivated about Claires ankle. Seconds later, Claire is pulled by the wire and abject into the bubbles. Afterwards assuredly accepting the aperture to open, Cassidy sees the hooded amount in the bubbles and the blaze gun goes off. Cassidy goes into the bubbles to acquisition Claire, alone to acquisition that she has been attempt in the aperture with a blaze gun (light and smoke bushing her aperture from the flare, her close bubbles and melting from the heat) and the analgesic has disappeared. Afterwards, Jessica finds Maggie in her bed and the two appoint in a cat action afterwards Maggie reveals she slept with Kyle. Mrs. Crenshaw finds them and the girls acknowledge at gunpoint that they were amenable for Megan's death. Mrs. Crenshaw tells the girls to lock themselves in a bedchamber and to alarm the badge while she searches for the killer. However, Mrs. Crenshaw is stabbed in the chest with the annoy iron's harpoon end in the kitchen, abrogation alone Jessica, Cassidy, Ellie and Maggie.

While Maggie becomes trapped aback the analgesic sets the abode on blaze with a Molotov cocktail, Cassidy and Jessica adjudge to analysis Mickey’s anatomy for a corpuscle buzz to alarm for advice (while Ellie hides upstairs) and run into Kyle who injures Jessica afterwards accepting into a action with her. Kyle threatens Jessica alone to be hit on the face by Cassidy with a blaze extinguisher. Cassidy and Jessica abscond to an under-renovation bath area they acquisition the abode on blaze and Megan's corrupt body which is blind in the shower. As Jessica checks the bath door, Kyle swings an axe through it, animadversion her out. He catches Cassidy and tells her that her admirer is boilerplate to save her. He's again stabbed on the arch with the axe from abaft by Andy, Cassidy's boyfriend, who turns out to be the absolute killer. Next, Andy kills Jessica as she starts to agitation by cutting her in the aperture with the annoy iron's extra end afore cogent Cassidy that he aloof capital to assure her, killing anybody who knew about her captivation in Megan's afterlife so they could never acquaint anyone abroad and acknowledge she was involved.

Playing forth with her brainy boyfriend, Cassidy tells Andy that Ellie is in the basement, and while Andy goes to attending for her, Cassidy fetches Ellie from admiral and they try to run but are attacked by Andy. Cogent Ellie to flee, Cassidy hits Andy with a lamp and tries to escape, but stops to advice Maggie out of the afire house, acceptance Andy to bolt up and leave her dangling from a aperture in the attic (while the blaze is still active). As Andy prepares to accomplishment Cassidy off, Ellie appears and blasts him with Mrs. Crenshaw's shotgun. He avalanche astern assimilate the afire floor, which collapses, coast him into the fire-engulfed basement. With Andy dead, Ellie pulls Cassidy aback up and the two save Maggie. The leash escape from the afire abode house, aloof as emergency cadre access onscene.

Fifteen months later, Theta Pi is actuality adapted from the blaze and Maggie is now a Theta sister. As the girls sing the Theta Pi song, a amount with a aching red wrist (Garrett) is apparent captivation a garden tool. And again it ends.


The casting in 2009.

* Briana Evigan as Cassidy Tappan

* Leah Pipes as Jessica Pierson

* Rumer Willis as Ellie Morris

* Jamie Chung as Claire Wen

* Margo Harshman as Charlene "Chugs" Bradley

* Audrina Patridge as Megan Blaire

* Caroline D' Amore as Maggie Blaire

* Julian Morris as Andy Richards

* Carrie Fisher as Mrs. Crenshaw

* Matt O'Leary as Garrett Bradley

* Matt Lanter as Kyle Tyson

* Maxx Hennard as Mickey Donaldson

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