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Why Did I Get Married Too?

Why Did I Get Affiliated Too? is a 2010 American comedy-drama blur produced by Lionsgate and Actual Perry Films and stars Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry, and Tasha Smith. It is the aftereffect to Why Did I Get Married?...

Gathered calm in the Bahamas for their anniversary one-week reunion, four abutting couples agilely reconnect, administration annual about their lives and relationships. But their affectionate anniversary in paradise is disrupted by the abrupt accession of Sheila's (Jill Scott) ex-husband, Mike (Richard T. Jones), who is aback actuality nice to anybody which raises suspicion amidst the others. Mike is still affiliated to Trina, Sheila's ex-best acquaintance but she is never apparent in the film, alone referenced. Sheila's new bedmate Troy (Lamman Rucker) is accepting agitation award a job aback they confused from Colorado to Atlanta. Dianne (Sharon Leal) is aback actual blessed and abounding of energy. This prompts Terry (Tyler Perry) to doubtable that she's cheating. Angela (Tasha Smith) fears that Marcus can't be affectionate aback he has a high-paying job as a sportscaster and has a lot of changeable fans. While on their trip, they met a affable aged brace (Louis Gossett Jr. and Cicely Tyson) who allotment a adventure about their affair and alliance at their "Why Did I Get Married?" ceremony. At the ceremony, Patricia (Janet Damita Jo Jackson) announces that she and Gavin (Malik Yoba) are divorcing. Gavin did not apperceive Patricia was activity to aces that moment to breach the annual to their accompany and walks abroad from her. Afterwards the trip, Gavin and his advocate accommodated with Patricia and her advocate which is Dianne. Gavin and Patricia accede to breach aggregate bottomward the average but Patricia does not accommodate her claimed account, which holds the money she fabricated from her book, in the adjustment agreement. Patricia refuses to accord him money from this annual so he tells Dianne to acquaint Patricia to get accessible for "a fight".

Meanwhile, Angela's acquaintance warns her about some aberrant noises advancing from their abode which causes Angela to accept Marcus has had some women in their home. Back Dianne comes home from assignment with a boutonniere of flowers, Terry finds a agenda holder in it and he additionally catches her blooper out a man's name which is "Phil". Sheila secretly meets with Mike and asks him to advice Troy get a job and he complies. Once Troy gets the job, Sheila thinks Mike is alone accomplishing this to win her aback but Mike pleads for her help. He grabs her arm and Sheila notices that he is afraid and article charge be amiss with him. Elsewhere, Gavin (who is intoxicated) burns their asleep son, Noah's, photo album, afterwards accepting physically calumniating with Patricia. Patricia after catches Gavin, Marcus and Terry aggravating to move his things out and she absolutely destroys the abode with Gavin's golf clubs which after leads her into a aphotic depression. Angela shows up at Marcus' job on civic television and confronts him about the "noises". Marcus has no clue what she's talking about and he alike gives up his corpuscle buzz to her. Troy anon discovers that he got his new job because of Mike and he goes to his address and finds Sheila there. He runs over to Mike and attacks him. Sheila reveals that he has blight and she's alone there to assistant him aback to health. Troy after apologizes for physically advancing Mike and the two agilely accede to be cordial.

Terry notices Dianne advancing "work clothes" with adult lingerie and he armament her to acknowledge who she's been cheating with. Dianne admits that they haven't had sex but she does adore spending time with him. Terry refuses to accept any advice with her afterward. Meanwhile, Angela discovers the accuracy about the noises. It was absolutely the agriculturalist and the maid accepting sex in their bedroom. Angela and Marcus anon accommodate but their arguing continues, back she finds Marcus had addition phone.

Elsewhere, Patricia embarrasses Gavin at his job by accepting a gay man jump out of a block and she tells him "You wanna act like a bitch?, here's your man!". Gavin flees from the job and Patricia. Patricia follows him to his car area she yells at him. However, as Gavin is aggravating to get away, he is aback complex in a car blast with a dispatch truck. Patricia stands arctic with horror, shock and regret. All of the accompany are reunited at the hospital cat-and-mouse to apprehend from doctors on Gavin's condition. A nervously ashore Patricia questions her actions, acumen it all was a aberration and asks herself what were they angry for because they were declared to adulation anniversary other. She armament all of the couples to assignment their differences out and adulation anniversary other. Unfortunately, a doctor comes out of the operating allowance and announces that Gavin has died. Sometime later, they all accord him a canonizing account in the Bahamas area Terry says in adoration "May your body blow in abiding peace". The three actual couples: Terry and Diane, Troy and Sheila, and Marcus and Angela accelerate off balloons into the air to admire Gavin's casual as Mike and Patricia acutely watch.

A year later, Patricia is disconnected by a aide cogent her a philanthropist in one of her classes wants to accommodated her. She declines affair him, assertive she will alpha addition accord too early. The accessory suggests that she talks to him behindhand because they charge the money. Patricia again gives in. The man (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in a cameo) comes to allocution to her. He tells her that her chic and books about alliance got him forth during a awful divorce. He asks her to accompany him for coffee. She smiles as the blur ends.


* Janet Jackson as Patricia Agnew

* Jill Scott as Shelia Jackson

* Tyler Perry as Terry Brock

* Tasha Smith as Angela Williams

* Malik Yoba as Gavin Agnew

* Richard T. Jones as Mike

* Sharon Leal as Dianne Brock

* Michael Jai White as Marcus Williams

* Lamman Rucker as Troy Jackson

* Cicely Tyson as Ola

* Louis Gossett Jr. as Porter

* Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson(Patricia's new friend)

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